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We’re a diverse team of 21 (and counting) men and women working across New York and San Jose
to help you create beautiful presentations in minutes!

Put a face to our names


Frequent Flyer Miles Hoarder

Vini Chanto

Beer Enthusiast

José Bolaños

21st Century Digital Boy

Derek Draper

Chief of Avocado Toast 🥑

Rick Santamaría

DesignerHuman 👽

Sofía Mora

Graphic Designer
Cat Mom 🐱

Paula Echeverría

Video Producer / Storyteller
Ping Pong Legend

Fernanda Monge

Success Analyst
The Cartaginesa 🚶♀️

Karol Monge

Office Manager
Dog Lover

Jorge Bastias

Senior Developer
Canadian Bacon Connoisseur

David Marín

Customer Success Manager
Liguista ⚽

Gustavo Paniagua

Head of Marketing
Soccer Fan

Diana Bogantes

Data Analyst
Hardcore Marathoner

Tatiana Najera

Office Support
The Office Barista

Daniel Valverde

Graphic Designer
Graphic Artist

Keylin Herrera

Front-End Developer
Star Wars Lover 🖤

Allan Chacon

Software Developer
Crossfit Padawan 💪🏻

Pablo Guerrero

Senior Developer
Sir Codes a Lot 💻

Mariel Castro

Graphic Designer
Pokemon Trainer

Elena Solís

Digital Animator
Festival Melophile


Office Pet

This is home 🏠

Wow... Blown away by the massive value your team keeps bringing to the table...
William Martin, Podcast Academy
Thanks for all your hard work. We appreciate your attention, politeness and speed in handling our request.
Stephen Ryan, Wow Now Go!
Awesome work! Thank you your help, my slides look gread now.
Shelby Davies, Firstbrook Insurance Group

Our true colors

Our Culture

Here at Slidebean we thrive to create a workplace where
everyone can grow personally and professionally.

We promote diversity and inclusivity, and commit to
making each one of us feel respected and valued.beautiful presentations in minutes!

The Core Values of Slidebean


We believe that this is essential to respect and encourage free expressions for all, to embrace our differences, opinions and diverse backgrounds, while also providing a warm environment that nurtures and supports us all.


We trust that having open and accessible information is one of the best ways to help others, and ourselves. That is why we have a transparency policy towards our customers and within our team.


We love what we do, and we work hard to ship things fast, but we also don’t take ourselves too seriously! Having a relaxed and friendly environment is key to brining better results across our teams, and to our customers.

Our Projects


In Slidebean, we believe that great design can be applied to almost all aspects of life: from how people share and absorb information to everyday interactions with our environment, and experiences with other people. Every month, we invest 1% of our subscription revenue on initiatives that use design to change the world!